You need an origination system that scales to help you grow your customer base. A system that you can rely on. You need a system that will keep your borrowers’ information safe.

HELOS, our web-based loan origination platform, provides flexibility to manage various loan structures and diverse loan programs. Reliable and secure, HELOS allows you to get to market quickly and competitively. It’s highly configurable and can easily accommodate your growing loan base.

With HELOS, you can:

  • Fully integrate with the STAR system (Firstmark Services’ loan servicing system), or with your servicing system
  • Support refinance loans, school-certified loans, consumer loans, and more
  • Interface with third parties and credit bureaus for real-time borrower and cosigner credit checks
  • Customize your loan program through Microsoft-based architecture
  • Make account management easy through feature-rich, role-based portals for lenders, schools, customers, and administrators
  • Stay CommonLine compliant
  • Customize content to reflect your brand
  • Maximize accessibility with a responsive user interface design that allows the system to be used on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers